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Bright Stone Investment LLC. Strategic Partner



Job requirements:


1. More than five years experience in private equity fund industry;
2. Familiar with the process of private equity fund management and return, and understand the requirements of industry supervision;
3. It has abundant resources of LP and project, and can independently carry out private equity fund business with the company's existing resources.


Management Trainees



Bright Stone Innovation Group is now recruiting management trainees for the society in order to develop and reserve young talents for the next step.




1. Enrollment of bachelor's degree or above in key universities;
2. Majors in mechanical, electrical, chemical, environmental engineering, information, marketing, etc.
3. Be interested in the long-term development of real enterprises.


The company will provide you with:


1. The company's senior managers act as mentors and provide one-to-one guidance throughout the training period.
2. Systematic training, comprehensive understanding and mastery of the company's product design, production and manufacturing, customer 


Financial Management Post





1. Responsible for daily account processing, business settlement and voucher auditing;
2. Responsible for the preparation of financial statements and financial analysis;
3. Supervise the implementation of various financial management systems in the company;
4. Responsible for tax administration;
5. Responsible for other related work arranged by the leadership.


Job requirements:



1. Bachelor's degree or above in finance and economics related specialty, with relevant professional and technical titles such as certified public accountant, certified taxpayer is preferred.
2. More than 3 years working experience in finance, accounting and auditing; experience in consolidated statements and tax planning/management of group enterprises is preferred.

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