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Brief Introduction

Bright Stone Innovation Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Bright Stone Innovation Group’) was established in 1999 with a registered capital of 3.785 billion yuan. Over the years, adhering to the management concept of ‘Deep farming industry, Keeping innovation", and adhering to the development strategy of focusing on industrial management, supplemented by venture investment and venture capital management, and gradually developed into an industrial enterprise group with important influence in China. Bright Stone Innovation Group's cover advanced manufacturing,medical health, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, water environmental management, new materials, industrial intelligence, asset management and other key industries.

On July 22, 2015, Bright Stone Innovation Group landed on the New OTC Market (Securities Code: 832924). Up to now, Bright Stone Innovation Group’s total assets are about 8.6 billion yuan, the net assets are about 7.2 billion yuan, and the net profit is 700 million yuan, and it ranks in the top ten of the New OTC Market.

In 2017, the leading enterprises of Hongyuan Oxygen Industry and Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongcin Group, which were invested and merged by Bright Stone Innovation Group. The company were awarded the ‘National Quality Investment Project’ by China Investment Association.

In September 2018, Forbes China released the latest "Forbes China New OTC Market Enterprise TOP100", which ranks on the Bright Stone Innovation Group List. Among the industrial enterprises under the Bright Stone Innovation Group, Hongyuan Oxygen Industry is the world's largest manufacturer of manned pressure vessels. Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongcin Group is the world's largest manufacturer of belt filters. Sunny Rubber is the largest manufacturer of rubber dams and gas shield dams in China, Hejing Ceramic is the leading manufacturer of industrial filter ceramics and fused quartz crucibles in China, Sunny Hexing Environmental Protection is the leading manufacturer in FGD desulfurization field. Many enterprises have been rated as ‘Single Champion’, ‘Invisible Champion’, ‘Top 100 Innovation Enterprise’ and ‘gazelle enterprise’ in Shangdong Province.

Up to now, there are 8 national high-tech enterprises under Bright Stone Innovation Group, 2 of which have been rated as ‘National Intellectual Property Superiority Enterprises’. There are 1 academician workstation, 4 provincial enterprise technology centers and 2 provincial ‘One Enterprise And One Technology Center’. Bright Stone Innovation Group has won one first prize for excellent new products of technological innovation in Shandong Province, and has accumulated nearly 100 invention patents.

The production and sales volume of medical oxygen chamber, military decompression chamber, large shield machine, filtration separation equipment, gas shield dam, rubber dam, fused quartz crucible, thermal power desulfurization equipment, etc. of Bright Stone Innovation Group's are among the highest in the country and are exported. More than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Chile, India and South Africa.

Wanda Group, which focuses on investment in Bright Stone Innovation Group, is an international large-scale enterprise group that covers port logistics, petrochemical rubber, international trade. It has built industrial chains from port logistics, petroleum refining, follow-up fine chemicals to rubber tire and cable manufacturing. In 2017, it ranked 54th among the top 500 private enterprises in China. It has been selected as one of the top ten private enterprises in Shandong for many years. There are state-level enterprise technology centers,  a national post-doctoral research workstations and three national-level laboratories. More than ten projects were respectively listed in the national Spark plan, the National Torch Program and the National High-Tech industrialization Demonstration Project.

Bright Stone Investment, an asset management subsidiary of Bright Stone Innovation Group, is one of the 22 venture capital organizations registered with the National Development and Reform Commission. It is the joint chairman of the China Investment Association Venture Capital Professional Committee. It is also a dual member of the China Securities Investment Fund Association and the China Insurance Asset Management Association. It has excellent historical performance and good reputation in the industry. In the comprehensive ranking of domestic and foreign venture capital institutions organized by the China Investment Association, Qingke Group, CIC Group, Forbes Chinese, it has been ranked among the best in many years.

In the future, Bright Stone Innovation Group will be committed to the development of advanced manufacturing, medical health, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, water environment management, new materials, new energy, intelligence and other industrial sectors. It will establish research institutes and design institutes in corresponding subdivisions that guide the development of enterprises by technology, and strive to create ‘China’s first, World Leading’ in multiple subdivisions. It has cultivated deep-seated industries and uphold integrity, and do the evergreen in the field of innovation technology.

Development History

1999.11    Beijing Zhiyuan Da Investment Management LLC. was established, the predecessor of Bright Stone Innovation Group.
2009.4      Bright Stone Innovation Management LLC. was established.
2011.4      The company was renamed 'Beijing Bright Stone Investment Holding Ltd.'
2014.10    The company was renamed 'Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group LLC.'
2015.4      The company was changed into a company limited by shares that renamed 'Bright Stone Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd.'
2015.7       Loging on  'the New OTC Market' and recruitment 923,591,984 yuan.
2015.12     The company acquired 75% of Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Co., Ltd.
2016.5       The company acquired 100% of Nuclear Industry Yantai Tongcin Group Co., Ltd. in Shandong Nuclear Industry 273 Geological Brigade by tendering and bidding of  Shandong Property Rights Exchange Center.
2016.9       Participated in the allotment of Wanda Group Co., Ltd. with a share-holding ratio of 23.98%. Bright Stone Innovation Group became the second largest shareholder of Wanda Group.
2018.4       Academician Jiang Zhuangde Workstation of Bright Stone Innovation Group was officially approved.
2018.6       Bright Stone Innovation Group subsidiary Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen complete its share reform, which was renamed as Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry Co., Ltd. by  Yantai Hongyuan Oxygen Industry LLC.
2018.10     The company was renamed 'Bright Stone Innovation Technology Group Co., Ltd.' that complete the transformation from investment group to industrial group.

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